About me

Lothar Flatz, DISO AG
Welcome to my Blog,my name is Lothar Flatz. I am over 15 years on the road to support customers to solve difficult Oracle problems, especially in the area of ​​database performance.
I love puzzles and like to learn by examples. For this reason, I have compiled a collection of riddles from my practice for you.
The rules are simple. Roughly every second week I will post a new riddle. During the week you can post your comments and your solutions.
After a week I publish my solution. I will also publish results from my work that I consider usefull to others.The blog is published in German and in English:


Lothar comes from a family of Austrian engineers and inventors. The inherited talent he used since 1989 to improve  applications in the Oracle environment being faster and better. 2010 Oracle Corporation the Oracle Cooperation appointed him member of the Real World Performance Group, an elite performance of specialists under the Oracle employees.

He is particularly proud of his contributions got the software for the archive of the LHC at CERN and his  patent U.S. 20110119249 A1.Lothar is married and lives in Switzerland. In his spare time he is interested in the subject of wine and is involved as a member of the Ambassador Club.

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